Getting the best Value for your investment on a Custom Exhibition Stand

You have confirmed a space only for your next exhibition which will see a sizable investment in the design and build of your exhibition stand. How can you maximise this investment?


Spend time with your team to put a detailed brief together. Custom exhibition stand builders will be able to send you a template to assist with this process.

This brainstorm should save unnecessary complications down the track and will result in designs that meet your requirements.

Beyond your product and branding you should consider the following:

  • How often will the exhibition stand be used?
  • If it is being used on multiple occasions will it be the same size and shape at each event?
  • Will the graphics be re-used at each event or do you require show specific graphics?
  • Where will the stand be stored in between events and at who’s cost is this?

The more use you can get from the elements of your stand, the more cost-effective things become.

I have spoken about the importance of exhibition stand design in regards to a travelling exhibition stand in a previous article. Many of the points in that article are relevant here so I encourage you to have a quick read.


A bigger space does not mean a better stand, it does however mean a more expensive stand. It will cost you more for the space and the build of the stand itself.

Consider how much space you actually require to achieve your goal?  Take into account:

  • Product to be displayed
  • Number of staff on the stand
  • Proximity to show feature areas such as cafes, stages etc
  • Client meeting spaces
  • Storage requirements
  • Traffic flow on the stand

Remember you may be limited on the footprint of your stand, but you have more freedom when it comes to stand height.

Some of the most effective stands are the smaller exhibition stands, and these stands are far more adaptable when installing at various events.


Many exhibition stand builders will have an option to hire or purchase stand elements.

Hiring items can be cost-effective across 1 to 2 installs, however if you plan to build your stand on numerous occasions it may be best to consider purchasing elements. Hire elements will be charged on each install and can add up very quickly.

Hire elements come from the stock holding of your stand builder and have been hired/ used previously. Stand builders should be able to offer you hire of flooring, furniture, AV and walling. Options will be limited to the stock available.

Purchasing items with the assistance of your stand builder will provide a greater level of flexibility, and in most cases a more premium finish. Of course, this comes at a greater upfront expense, however ongoing you only need to store these elements and will not pay for re-use.

In simple terms, the more you use the stand the more likely a purchase is the best value.


Consider the life of your stand beyond an exhibition. Could the stand elements be used in your business?

In the past we have been able to assist our clients:

  • Refurbish their office reception with a waiting area, AV and reception desk
  • Refurbish meeting rooms or team break out spaces
  • Install product showrooms
  • Roll out activations in shopping centres

The possibilities are endless; however, they need to be considered from the beginning to ensure the designs and purchases are suitable for re-use.


Digital Graphics are a huge expense in any stand design, and like all other elements, the more use you get the better.

In general, avoid using show specific details or dates in your graphics as this will render them un-usable moving forward. If you have show specific content, consider making this digital and displaying on your screens, or, have handouts for visitors.

Also consider the substrate of the graphics. You want your graphics to be durable to enable re-use.

Ensuring the best value for your investment on stand design and build is only a small part of the ROI of exhibiting. We will discuss ROI as a whole in future blogs!  

If you have a good understanding of your reason for exhibiting, and the long term goals of doing so, is a great starting point.

All the best with your next exhibition stand. Should you require any clarification, feel free to contact us at Custom Solutions Group today to ensure you “Stand out From the Crowd” with a stress free exhibition experience.

We’re highly experienced & ready to help!

Whether you’re just starting to think about your project, or you’re ready to get started today – we’re here to help.

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