Top 5 Considerations To Ensure You Have A Great Exhibition Stand For Travel

So your business has committed to exhibit at multiple exhibitions in the new year budget – here are 5 things to consider in regard to your exhibition stand that are often overlooked.


A no brainer, or is it? We’re not talking about the appearance and functionality of your stand. We’re talking about its ability to adapt to the spaces and venues that you will be exhibiting in.

It is very rare for your position in an exhibition to be confirmed well in advance as show floorplans are ever evolving. As a result, the orientation and size of your stand needs to be fluid.

For example, it may be best to design a stand that is 6mx3m, with the ability to be built as a 3mx2m, 3mx3m, a corner, an inline or peninsula.

It sounds complex, but if you and your exhibition stand builder don’t consider this up front you can be stuck with a display stand that won’t fit into a venue or space and a very expensive last minute amend.

It will also ensure you are not limited in choice when it comes to your position in a show.

On the venue front, your supplier should really consider access (a hotel is much more difficult than an exhibition hall) and challenges such as height restrictions.

All of this should be considered in the exhibition stand design process.


Adaptability and durability are the key.

Your stand graphics may need to change between exhibitions depending upon the audience demographic. You want this to be easy, without compromising the overall appearance of the exhibition stand.

Consider an interchangeable panel/s within the design that can accommodate this without compromising the consistent brand image across all events.

In terms of durability, consider fabric as its flexibility not only saves space for transportation but also won’t crack or scratch like a solid substrate may.


This needs to be carefully considered in consultation with your exhibition stand builder. Freight in Australia due to distance can be a major cost. It also takes time – days not hours.

Consider the time required between events and don’t forget to account for install and dismantle dates as these narrow the window between event dates!

An experienced builder and creative designer can limit the size your stand packs down to which will reduce the cost of your freight.

Most importantly, ensure the stand is packed in a durable road crate that protects your stand and ensures a high standard of appearance from the first to last install.

Constant maintenance can be time consuming and costly.


Don’t underestimate the work that is required throughout the year to keep things moving. It is not a case of doing the work upfront and then expecting it to rollout smoothly.

There is a constant need to oversee suppliers and provide information to organisers. Be clear up front with your contractor as to who will manage this process.

good stand builder will manage this process for you.


When a stand travels, this element and the cost involved is often overlooked.

Get flights and accommodation locked in as early as possible to reduce the expense.

Fly them in the night before the event if possible as a tired presence on a stand is not a great first impression!

As you can see, design and project management are the keys to a stress free exhibition stand roadshow.

Ensure you and your stand builder are taking these into consideration from the beginning. Feel free to contact us at Custom Solutions Group today to ensure you “Stand out From the Crowd” with a stress free display experience.

We’re highly experienced & ready to help!

Whether you’re just starting to think about your project, or you’re ready to get started today – we’re here to help.

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